Brown Bag that Bottle

Comes a time when the blind man takes your hand and says: don’t you see? Got to make it somehow on the dreams you still believe. Don’t give it up; you’ve got an empty cup only love can fill.

–Grateful Dead

My grandfather lost his sight late in life. No matter. He always found ways to see and know, maybe even know better, everything that was happening around him. Maybe more brilliant, more aware, more wise from the experience- I never once considered Opa impaired.

Close your eyes and let yourself know that you do not know. Taste a wine, any wine, and make a note of what you think.

Tasting wine without seeing what or where it has come from is mind-opening and fun. When we don’t know the bottle, it’s anywine’s game. We let go of preconceptions, habits of the palate, go-to flavor profiles, and grape prejudice (it’s a real thing!).

What is taken away from a blind tasting is far more important than correctly identifying the suspects. It is a deeper understanding of, and moment with, the wine that is in the glass. Apply this to life and we might move more slowly and consciously. Bring it to wine and we may find something unexpected.

Host a blind tasting. It’s a sure way to start a party. Set a few guidelines (level of difficulty/ price/ country/ whether blends are allowed) and have everyone bring a bottle and keep it incognito.  Don’t let it show its face until all have given a swig and ventured a guess (on paper or aloud).  Don’t worry about being correct, or even close. 100 points for participation!

My favorite had no idea what it was and fell in love blind moment…was a waltz with Raspay. Old-vine Monastrell from Alicante in southeast Spain. Has a funny label that has absolutely nothing to do with what is in the bottle, which just goes to show- never judge a juice by its jug.

Thanks Zwann!

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Jessica Elizabeth Cox found a bottle fir.