Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Sacred Stuff- Antonelli San Marco

In the hills of central Italy’s Umbria grows the most tannic grape in the world. The grape is called Sagrantino, the area is called Montefalco, the soil is full of fossils.  Wines from… Continue reading

Peace, Presidents, Picolit

Having a weekend full of presidential-like greatness?  Drinking anything interesting?  I hope so!  Get crazy, try something you’ve never heard of, why not… This past Friday I tasted some pretty cool wines at… Continue reading

That’s Amore!

A few snippets for the loved, loving, and lovers alike. From Gourmet- The Magazine of Good Living . February 1986 . $2.50 There’s another clear moral to this tale, now that I think about it:… Continue reading

Won’t you be my…Pelaverga?

When it comes to Valentine’s day I am usually a big believer in the whole love is actually all around us thing- from the stranger who holds a heavy door, to the pup… Continue reading

Have a Big Blue Weekend

A few interesting things I came across while wine web surfing this week.  Surfing, haha…righteous. Alfonso Cevola ponders the current state of Italian wine, asking all of the important questions.  Beautifully worded. Awesomely… Continue reading

We Will Be Ephemeral

Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Bridge is covered with literature- stickered, markered, painted, sprayed- advertisements, advice, outbursts of rage, romantic proclamations.  My amusement during morning runs, as though the rippling East River, Domino Sugar factory sign,… Continue reading