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What is Annie Hall Drinking?

There is that iconic scene in Annie Hall (I use “iconic” because I think every shot in the film that I have seen 2 bagillion times is iconic) that takes place on the… Continue reading

In The New Year

Happy, happy almost 2013!   I hope all of your favorite wishes come true in the new year. When it comes to celebrating the countdown, there are so many interesting sparkling wines to… Continue reading


Today is, of course, a day for gratefulness.  Gratefulness is so giving, so let’s hop on board.   Gratefulness for health, and for wealth in whatever form is important to you.  For the… Continue reading

A Crab Mousse Mold for Nora

So sad to hear about Nora Ephron‘s passing.  I really enjoyed her writing, some of her movies, and mostly just her.  We were good friends- you know,  in my imaginary world.  I think… Continue reading


Just a little something I wrote for one of my favorite blogs, written by two of my favorite people- Sister Disco!  A sort of  glimmer of some of the rosés that I am… Continue reading

What’s Good?

Dear You, Hello! What’s up? This weekend I’ve been chilling upstate with my mom and Albany’s tulips that bloomed a good few weeks too early. They are lovely, nonetheless. We worked on this… Continue reading

Not Your Grandmother’s Wine

Well, it actually is. Or my grandmother’s, at least. The wine being Brachetto d’Aqui DOCG. Brachetto is a grape that has been grown in the clayey marly soil of northwest Italy Piemonte, specifically… Continue reading

Brown Bag that Bottle

Comes a time when the blind man takes your hand and says: don’t you see? Got to make it somehow on the dreams you still believe. Don’t give it up; you’ve got an… Continue reading

Peace, Presidents, Picolit

Having a weekend full of presidential-like greatness?  Drinking anything interesting?  I hope so!  Get crazy, try something you’ve never heard of, why not… This past Friday I tasted some pretty cool wines at… Continue reading

Have a Big Blue Weekend

A few interesting things I came across while wine web surfing this week.  Surfing, haha…righteous. Alfonso Cevola ponders the current state of Italian wine, asking all of the important questions.  Beautifully worded. Awesomely… Continue reading