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In The New Year

Happy, happy almost 2013!   I hope all of your favorite wishes come true in the new year. When it comes to celebrating the countdown, there are so many interesting sparkling wines to… Continue reading

A Diplomatic Wine

Though life is politics, when it comes to election time, I try (lately) to keep my opinions to myself and my ballot. I mean, to a certain extent, what is the point?  Our… Continue reading

P.S. Wine is Fun

You’ve forgotten those June nights at the Riviera…the night I drank Champagne from your slipper – two quarts. It would have been more but you were wearing inner soles.– Groucho Marx, At the… Continue reading

Auld Lang Syne

Oh my gosh, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Everybody panic!  Go out and and buy whatever bubbly you can find… hurry! Just kidding…kind of.  Here are three more fun sparkling options that can be… Continue reading

Bubbles to Love

Just passing along this little post that I wrote for the amazing Feighan sisters’ blog, Sister Disco. It’s all about bubbles. A few ideas to play around with.  What’s your fancy?  

Gobble Gobble

Like any holiday, there is no textbook Turkey Day.  Every celebration takes on its own traditions- such a beautiful thing! Of course there are the foundations- football, feasting, family, and friends who we… Continue reading