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Piemonte in June

Lately I haven’t been really great at finding words. Words for all of the wonderful and new (and old) and tasty things that I want to tell you about.  A whole jumble of… Continue reading

Yesterday’s Gourmet

In 1972 Italy’s appellation system was just about 10-years-old.  Wineries were beginning to bottle wines they’d been selling locally in town centers where people would fill jugs from taps and hoses.  These local… Continue reading

Ancestral Spirit

I had the treat of tasting a few beautiful bottles of old nebbiolo around this time last month, thanks to the very kind (z)infidel who drowned a table full of cool folk in the riches of… Continue reading

In The New Year

Happy, happy almost 2013!   I hope all of your favorite wishes come true in the new year. When it comes to celebrating the countdown, there are so many interesting sparkling wines to… Continue reading

Yuletide Gifting

It’s the time of year to find a special something for all your special someones.  If you ask me, it feels just as good to give a sweet gift as it does to… Continue reading

I am Me, and You are You.

“I am me, and you are you”. That’s what reads on a shirt my dry cleaner made for his dad. I tell you, little bits of wisdom all over these Greenpoint streets! The… Continue reading

Not Your Grandmother’s Wine

Well, it actually is. Or my grandmother’s, at least. The wine being Brachetto d’Aqui DOCG. Brachetto is a grape that has been grown in the clayey marly soil of northwest Italy Piemonte, specifically… Continue reading

Won’t you be my…Pelaverga?

When it comes to Valentine’s day I am usually a big believer in the whole love is actually all around us thing- from the stranger who holds a heavy door, to the pup… Continue reading

Yo Ho Barolo

“You know it balances on your head just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine.” -Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, Bob Dylan A mattress would be just as difficult to balance on a bottle of… Continue reading

“Maps, wait! They don’t love you like I love you…”

Psyche! They really do love you…a lot. Maps are amazing. They take you outside of yourself- your corner of the room, block, town, country, continent, universe. We are mere mini-bits of the whole,… Continue reading

Gobble Gobble

Like any holiday, there is no textbook Turkey Day.  Every celebration takes on its own traditions- such a beautiful thing! Of course there are the foundations- football, feasting, family, and friends who we… Continue reading

A Different Grape

I just love me some lipstick. Any shade gently run across the lips can change an outfit, an ambiance, a conversation, a day. The first lipstick I played around with as a girl… Continue reading