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Piemonte in June

Lately I haven’t been really great at finding words. Words for all of the wonderful and new (and old) and tasty things that I want to tell you about.  A whole jumble of… Continue reading

Yesterday’s Gourmet

In 1972 Italy’s appellation system was just about 10-years-old.  Wineries were beginning to bottle wines they’d been selling locally in town centers where people would fill jugs from taps and hoses.  These local… Continue reading

Yuletide Gifting

It’s the time of year to find a special something for all your special someones.  If you ask me, it feels just as good to give a sweet gift as it does to… Continue reading

A Nebbiolo By Any Other Name

Would Taste Just As Delicious! Nebbiolo grows in areas all around Piemonte, sometimes going by its local name, spanna.  It is also cultivated in Piemonte’s neighboring region to the east, Lombardia.  Valtellina is a… Continue reading