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Yesterday’s Gourmet

In 1972 Italy’s appellation system was just about 10-years-old.  Wineries were beginning to bottle wines they’d been selling locally in town centers where people would fill jugs from taps and hoses.  These local… Continue reading


Today is the first day of wintertime. When I lived in Napa Valley, I looked forward to the quiet of the natural world during the winter months.  After the persimmon harvest was finished,… Continue reading

Yuletide Gifting

It’s the time of year to find a special something for all your special someones.  If you ask me, it feels just as good to give a sweet gift as it does to… Continue reading

The End of the World

What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? I always think of this bag that I used to have.  It was a sturdy knit material with wooden handles and covered with figures… Continue reading


Because it is a sometimes misty April and the tulips are in bloom- strong reds and yellows and blues- subtle in their design, absent of scent.  And if you’re tulip-loving me, and living… Continue reading

That’s Amore!

A few snippets for the loved, loving, and lovers alike. From Gourmet- The Magazine of Good Living . February 1986 . $2.50 There’s another clear moral to this tale, now that I think about it:… Continue reading

Merry Merry Salzburg

Gourmet, The Magazine of Good Living, December 1969, Volume XXIX “Trumpeting angels in the serene, snow-covered countryside around Salzburg hail the Christmas season, not far from where the carol Silent Night was composed.” Featuring… Continue reading

The Rum(nog) Diary

Puerto Rican Rum ad. Gourmet. The Magazine of Good Living. December 1969. Volume XXIX It undoubtably comes and goes every year, sometimes flashing by more quickly than others-  the time for wreathes and… Continue reading

Oneida Limited

Every dingle hopper has a story… This ad for Oneida silverware is from a 1974 Gourmet magazine.  Can you tell?  Around that time the company was developing a flatware line made of sterling.… Continue reading


Gourmet magazine, Pernot ad, January 1974 Pernod, an aniseed liqueur, was largely born as a reaction to the banning of the ever-popular, possibly psychedelic, absinthe in the early 20th century.  A perfect aperitivo… Continue reading