Peace, Presidents, Picolit

Having a weekend full of presidential-like greatness?  Drinking anything interesting?  I hope so!  Get crazy, try something you’ve never heard of, why not…

This past Friday I tasted some pretty cool wines at Gambero Rosso’s Tre Bicchieri tasting- a showcase of some of the Italian wine guide’s 1, 2, and tre (three) bicchieri (glass) winners.

One winner that really got me was a white blend from Livon, a producer with vineyard holdings in the northeast Italian region of Friuli- an area that turns out some stunning whites- something to do with its proximity to the Adriatic coast and Dolomite Alps- unmatchable terroir.

This wine from Livon is called Braide Alte (name of the vineyard) – the specific DOC is Colli Orientali – vintage is 2009 – grapes include Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Moscato Giallo, and Picolit.

Picolit is a grape native to the region of Friuli.  It is cultivated by very few producers these days due to the difficulty of working with (and profiting from) its extremely low yields.  Most often found in passito wines, here it is involved in a dry style where it truly makes a mark.  It has a funky kind of savory kind of golden and unctuous kind of fennely floral thing going on.  A lot, I know, but it works.  One of those wines that makes you wonder.

And just for fun, thought I’d share a few places I’ve been poking around:

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