What’s Good?

Washington Park, Albany, NY

Dear You, Hello! What’s up?

This weekend I’ve been chilling upstate with my mom and Albany’s tulips that bloomed a good few weeks too early. They are lovely, nonetheless. We worked on this Bordeaux, from Lalande-de-Pomerol. Well-constructed, with savory green pepper, and a ripe non-fruity spice that just makes you want a good ‘ole fashion meal- steak n’ potatoes, or something like that. Bordeaux will always be Bordeaux, and it will always be grand, no matter what happens to be trendy at the moment. Something I realize every time I drink it. Satellite Bordeaux included.

And in other news…the world of wine is still turning!

Italy still has more grape varieties than we’ll ever fully wrap our minds around, and the system of attempting to organize the bagillion Italian grapes and their origins is still gonzo. But the boot’s wine production has got a spirit that can’t be ignored, and so we will continue to drink it and celebrate it. With things like this amazing new ipad app that will bring every detail of Barolo’s cru vineyards to wherever you happen to be playing with your modern technology. Speaking of Italian wine, Woody Allen’s new movie, “To Rome with Love” is coming out soon and it sounds like Italian wine may be one of the players, just as the city itself.

What else? Critics can still be corrupt, perhaps some of the best stuff is created beyond the borders, and this wine is still life-changing. I got to taste it at Kermit Lynch’s portfolio tasting this past week in NYC; how cool. The KLWM portfolio is totally consistent. And by that I mean consistently awesome. Hmm, there are still zealots with a pure message, know-it-alls, and know-it-not-at-alls. There are still people who are trying to prove that drinking red wine makes you thin (who needs proof? It makes us happy, romantic, in touch with our desires. Sounds healthy to me). There are still artful kitchens, and handsome noodles who appreciate homemade fettucine (good art and women too), and gifted writers who put into beautiful words what it is all about.

You see, the wine (and culinary) world, it’s just like any other.

And the future? Who can say. I know that this bottle (completely new label) will be in the picture. It is imported by this guy (found it at one of my favorite Brooklyn wine shops, Fermented Grapes) and you can bet I’m excited to drink it up (drink it down?)!

Photo snapped by Jessica Elizabeth Cox