A Crab Mousse Mold for Nora

So sad to hear about Nora Ephron‘s passing.  I really enjoyed her writing, some of her movies, and mostly just her.  We were good friends- you know,  in my imaginary world.  I think the connection began with Heartburn, which I read while living in California.  That story came into my life at just the right time.  Ephron reminded me to try my best to be clever and stylish, even when I feel like a doof.  Her New Yorkiness jumped through the page, and the way she wove culinary savvy into her work was dreamy and pragmatic.

To send one of the most lovable gourmands of our time on her merry way, here is a bit from a book of compiled Gourmet recipes that my friend, Maggie, came across a few years ago at a Salvation Army.  I was trying to slim down my book collection at the time, but she insisted that I needed it.  Even though I hardly ever (let’s be honest, never ever) cook from it, I love the pictures and smile every time I see its green binding, so she was right.

Crab Meat Mousse

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