Have a Big Blue Weekend

A few interesting things I came across while wine web surfing this week.  Surfing, haha…righteous.

Alfonso Cevola ponders the current state of Italian wine, asking all of the important questions.  Beautifully worded.

Awesomely hilarious wine tasting by Marissa Ross.

Vicariously taste Domaine Romanée Conti with Jamie Goode.

Kendall-Jackson’s “Undercover Boss” is keepin’ it real.  The report from Blake Gray.

Not so sure about pairing these with Champagne, but a completely cute idea just the same.

Who shaves the fennel in your family?

Sometimes it’s so neccesary to have a beer…or two…or three.  With a friend…or two…or three.  I love a Bud Light from time to time.  That’s kind of a secret that I don’t let too many people in on.  But I feel like we’re friends….can we be friends?   Long live the NFL and rolling around on big green fields with helmets, Madonna, and cheering fans.  On behalf of Jessica Elizabeth Cox, myself, and games that take you to the edge of your seat…

What I’m trying to say is….