Happy Day, My Little Pumpkie Pies!

Today is, of course, a day for gratefulness.  Gratefulness is so giving, so let’s hop on board.  

Gratefulness for health, and for wealth in whatever form is important to you.  For the people who stick around and love us despite the fact that we’re all just a bunch of weirdos.  Gratefulness for jazz, blues, rock n’ roll, and electronic tenderness with lyrics that inspire new ways of being, and beats that make us clap our hands.  For Savennieres, Chinon, Lagrein, Rosso Piceno, Cesanese, Rheingau, and Rias Baixas, too.  For the way it rains and the way the sun shines, and mostly for the way we feel when we actually notice.  For our intuition, our compassion, and our minds.  For this world of ours that keeps on turning, and the people in it who share themselves with us, and by doing so, fill our days with magic.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving from Grapes of Cath!  

Here are a few bits from around the web to browse through while digesting your (hopefully) delicious feast:

Melissa, the High Priestess of Pinot Grigio, is drinking Italian whites.  And writing about them.  We should read about them, because she does it very well.

Jamie Goode’s beautifully balanced perspective on the place of natural wine in a wine drinker’s world.

Handsome Noodle is back with some insight and pasta porn.

Cooking After Work– A new blog from Willie- After a day of work, we deserve something delightful, no?

It is no secret that I’m a great fan of Turkish wine, so I was particularly pleased to come across this piece by Andrew Jefford.

Alfonso Cevola really got me with this warm write-up of his recent experiences with Calabrian cuisine.

I will certainly be checking out this film.  How about you?

So many things to be done with corks (hehe).  Here were my Christmas cards last year.