From “Gourmet, The Magazine of Good Living”, Volume XXIX, December 1969.

Today is the first day of wintertime.

When I lived in Napa Valley, I looked forward to the quiet of the natural world during the winter months.  After the persimmon harvest was finished, the constant sunshine would turn off, and the ever-growing everything would nearly stop growing.  I would have the feeling that something important was happening behind the chilly rainfall, grey days, and foggy moor-like landscapes- Wuthering Heights style, but with rows of naked vines all around.

In the natural world, this is a time to shut down so that all can properly start back up again when the moment is right.  Beautiful things can brew during hibernation.

In the human world, we grow cold.  We seek out enjoyable and convenient ways to stay warm.  Here are a few words I wrote a few weeks ago for the lovely ladies of Sister Disco- 12 wine suggestions to keep you cozy this season.

Merry Solstice Everyone!