Auld Lang Syne

Oh my gosh, it’s New Year’s Eve.  Everybody panic!  Go out and and buy whatever bubbly you can find… hurry!

Just kidding…kind of.  Here are three more fun sparkling options that can be found for under $20.  They are not Champagne.  Quite apart from Champagne, and from one another… like apples and oranges…and pears and plums…it’s bananas I tell you.  Bananas.


Gruet Brut. Made in New Mexico using mainly chardonnay.  Really.  Wild West sunshine.  Surprising and good.

Hesketh The Proposition: Sparkling rosé made from chardonnay, sémillon, & shiraz.  Australian. Apricot interestingness.  A little sweet in a pleasant way.

Ombra Prosecco Brut:  Disclaimer- I sell this wine- it’s also delightful.  Exactly what Prosecco should be.


And a happy happy New Year to you!  Do you have a resolution?  If not, just decide to be a good person.  The world can always use a few more of those.

PS- Start the evening with at least one bottle of Champagne.  True Champagne, because you are wonderful and there is nothing else like it.