It’s Alive!

After 94 years of strolling through this crazy world my cute little Uncle Andrew passed into the next. Uncle Andrew was a sweet and quirky man who kept a petrified fruit collection and began just about every response with the word “WOW”.

The past few days I’ve been thinking about the clever things he would say in his quiet way. Like this past summer when I saw him shortly after he’d had a haircut. I let him know it looked nice. He thanked me and shared a thought he had at the barber shop. He realized that even while he was sitting there having his hair snipped away, at the same time, it was still growing.

And there it is- life. It doesn’t just exist, it is still growing. All around us, inward and out. It is the essence of the natural world- vegetation, beasts, and even wine- completely alive in its transformation of fruit into a continually developing thing, capable of evolving over days and years and decades. We measure its evolution in the bottle by vintage; once it hits oxygen, by its life cycle in the glass. Anything can happen along the way.

It is a remarkable thing and when we drink the right wines made by the right people, we are reminded that we are alive as well. Difficult to fully conceptualize like any true wonder, but the world would shine a little less without it.