Bubbles to Love

Just passing along this little post that I wrote for the amazing Feighan sisters’ blog, Sister Disco. It’s all about bubbles. A few ideas to play around with.  What’s your fancy?  


Lots of cheer from grapes of cath! I will be celebrating a traditional Luke girl holiday- cookies for breakfast (lunch and dinner too), John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album on repeat, a… Continue reading

Let It Mull

Solstice has come and winter is officially here.  Chilly temps, endless rain, sunlight reflecting off of snow so bright it makes you squint, early darkness, snowfall after snowfall until you can’t stand another,… Continue reading

It’s Alive!

After 94 years of strolling through this crazy world my cute little Uncle Andrew passed into the next. Uncle Andrew was a sweet and quirky man who kept a petrified fruit collection and… Continue reading

Zinfandel on the Rusty Dusty Frontier

Whenever I hear this song, which is pretty often since Emmylou is always popping up on my shuffle (yes, I still use an ipod shuffle when I run- it’s the best little thing),… Continue reading

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Over and under and all around the radar there exist winemakers who are dedicated to allowing the process of what they do, and the resulting product, completely… be… itself- surrendering the control maintained… Continue reading

A Very Corky Christmas

Or maybe I should say a very dorky Christmas… Sending out holiday cards via snail mail is one of my favorite activities.  Ever.  Strange…but true.  This year I got a little crafty and… Continue reading

Merry Merry Salzburg

Gourmet, The Magazine of Good Living, December 1969, Volume XXIX “Trumpeting angels in the serene, snow-covered countryside around Salzburg hail the Christmas season, not far from where the carol Silent Night was composed.” Featuring… Continue reading


Never ever stop thinking for yourself.  Likewise, never ever stop drinking for yourself! A wine is not going to taste any better or worse because it is poured for a fancy crowd, touted… Continue reading

“Maps, wait! They don’t love you like I love you…”

Psyche! They really do love you…a lot. Maps are amazing. They take you outside of yourself- your corner of the room, block, town, country, continent, universe. We are mere mini-bits of the whole,… Continue reading

Lacrima di Morro d’Alba

Though often confused with Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio (a wine from an area near Naples on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius), Lacrima di Morro d’Alba is something quite different.  This wine is produced… Continue reading

The Rum(nog) Diary

Puerto Rican Rum ad. Gourmet. The Magazine of Good Living. December 1969. Volume XXIX It undoubtably comes and goes every year, sometimes flashing by more quickly than others-  the time for wreathes and… Continue reading

Among the Pines

The day after Thanksgiving I took a little trip to Vermont with mom and sis to find a Christmas tree.  We thought we’d be rustic (or something) this year and chop our own…at… Continue reading

Gobble Gobble

Like any holiday, there is no textbook Turkey Day.  Every celebration takes on its own traditions- such a beautiful thing! Of course there are the foundations- football, feasting, family, and friends who we… Continue reading

Oneida Limited

Every dingle hopper has a story… This ad for Oneida silverware is from a 1974 Gourmet magazine.  Can you tell?  Around that time the company was developing a flatware line made of sterling.… Continue reading